Top 5 Breeds of Rabbits For Families

May 12, 2013

Are you thinking about including a bunny to the family? With over 47 identified types of rabbits in the US (and many more unacknowledged but similarly popular) it can be a hard option. To help you filter it down we've gone out and investigated what types are the best for active family members with kids.
A few things to note before we get started:

In common the larger types of rabbits are usually more laid-back while small sized types can be a bit more cold and irritated. However, as with any type of creature this is just a generalization as they all come with their own character and disposition.
A bunny it not considered the best option for loved ones members with kids under the age of 7 or 8. A child young than this generally doesn't know how to deal with a bunny and may terrify it easily.
Longhaired rabbits like Angora's and Lionheads aren't suggested for family members with kids. While they may look unbearably charming, they need regular cleaning. So, unless you are willing to take on the liability for twice every week self care of their fur, it's probably better to believe the kids won't be *that* accountable and choose a lower servicing breed!
So, here's our choose for the best 5 types of rabbits for family members, in unique order:
Netherland Small - A very well-known dwarf bunny however they can be a bit grouch sometimes. Women seem to be a bit better natured than men so are a better option with kids.
Checked Massive - A large, attractive reproduce with a very adoring character. Checked Leaders are more casual than some of small sized types.
Small Rex - These charming rabbits stay small (3-5lb), are excellent with kids and have the most awesome velvety smooth fur. An complete excellent option.
Small Lop - With their smooth weak hearing and inquisitive, friendly naturel Small Lops are a charming addition to close relatives members. They really like interest and will flourish as an inside bunny.
Netherlands Lop - Intelligent, lovable and adoring and excellent with kids offered they are managed each day. They really like interest and need to feel part of close relatives members.
So there you have our top choices.

Whatever bunny you choose for your close relatives members you must ensure that there are guidelines around managing it and very clear obligations for its care. Your bun will be with you for many years and should get to become one of the family!

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